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IFP Iraq is a member of IFP Group, the Middle East’s most accomplished event organizer with a rich experience of over 35 years and more than 500 international exhibitions with worldwide recognition. IFP Group organizes the region’s top trade fairs, designed to be ideal platforms for foreign and local companies doing business in Iraq and seeking exposure among top regional buyers and decision makers.

For more information, please visit www.ifpexpo.com.

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The Kurdistan Board of Investment was established in accordance to Law no. (4) Of 2006. The purpose of our board is to create a climate for promoting investment|in the Kurdistan Region.
The Board acts as a liaison between the government and the private sector on one side, and the national and foreign sector on the other side. It took upon itself, since its establishment, securing the appropriate investment climate for Iraqi, Arab, and foreign investors and businessmen, as well as the provision of investment opportunities and the simplification of the administrative procedures for obtaining the investment projects’ license in different economic sectors contained in the above law, in addition to allocation of suitable land for implementing these projects.

For more information, please visit boi.gov.krd/.


For more information, please visit https://gov.krd/english/.

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For more information, please visit https://sbs.iq/.